Retreat, Recover, and Restart

Atlanta Center for Mental Health is a free-standing, non-hospital-setting residential facility that treats co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Our goal is to transform the lives of our clients and put them on the path to wellness and recovery.

Mental health disorders can make it difficult to accomplish daily tasks. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, reach out to Atlanta Center for Mental Health. During your moment of crisis, we can help you find peace again. Our programs and services are personalized for each client and their unique needs. Learn more about Atlanta Center for Mental Health today and find out if our treatment programs are right for you or your loved one.

Effective, Evidence-Based Mental Health Treatment

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Through residential treatment, you can take a step away from the chaos in your life. While you move away from situations, stresses, and triggers that define the cycle of depression and anxiety, you can begin to heal. Our facility allows you to break free from that cycle. Our clinicians and counselors apply a carefully planned treatment track rooted in evidence-based therapies.

While at Atlanta Center for Mental Health, psychiatric care is delivered by qualified doctors or psychiatric nurse practitioners. We will help you return to a place of peace and allow you to return to your life and start building a brighter future. If you’re looking into residential treatment and how it can help with mental health disorders, find out more about our programs by connecting with our team today.

Some of the programs and services we offer at Atlanta Center for Mental Health include the following:

Residential Mental Health Treatment at Atlanta Center for Mental Health

What is it about Atlanta Center for Mental Health that makes a difference? First, we are not a lock-up facility. In our residential facility, we provide care around the clock. During a mental health crisis, 24/7 support can help you make it through to find hope. To help alleviate the symptoms of your mental illness, we provide the following:

  • Crisis intervention – When mental illness has made everyday tasks impossible, we provide a safe environment to begin to heal.
  • Medication management – Both our doctors and psychiatric nurse practitioners will identify the right medication for you.
  • Intensive therapy track – Both group and individual counseling to help you learn healthy coping skills.

We treat every individual in our care with a personalized plan. Every individual receives around-the-clock medical supervision as well as a support to help them reach their goals. Whether you are struggling through severe depression or anxiety, we will create a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Every individual who enters our care will receive an individualized treatment plan based on our holistic, multidisciplinary approach towards treatment. Our treatment plans are made up of effective, evidence-based therapies administered to each individual based around their needs and strengths.

Much of the treatment involves group therapy. While in recovery, you will be surrounded by individuals with similar problems, facing the same challenges, and seeking the same opportunities for change. During recovery, you will learn the tools and skills to overcome your addiction. You’ll also find the knowledge and experience of how and when to use these tools on your way to long-term recovery.

Learn More About Atlanta Center for Mental Health

No matter what you’re facing, help is available.

Find out what it is about Atlanta Center for Mental Health that sets us apart. Contact us at 833.625.0458 for more information or schedule a call with us. We want to help you or your loved one get the treatment you need to put you on the path to recovery and healing.