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According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 264 million people are in need of depression treatment for major depression disorder, which is sometimes referred to as “clinical depression” or just “depression.” In the United States alone, more than 17 million adults suffer from depression, and that is only the number of diagnosed cases. It also affects almost twice as many women as men in the U.S. The danger of depression is not just that it can make it difficult for the sufferer to get through the day, or to be overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Depression is also a leading cause of many other forms of mental illness, including addiction, and has been linked to physical illness as well, including to a higher risk of coronary artery disease.

For these and other reasons, it is more important than ever that Americans have access to high-quality depression treatment. Atlanta Center for Mental Health‘s depression treatment program is a prime example.

Do I Need Depression Treatment?

patient at a depression treatment programOne of the difficulties of diagnosing and discussing depression is that we casually use the term “depression” with such frequency. Experiencing negative feelings after having a negative experience is unhappy. But it is also natural. As researchers at Harvard University have discovered, clinical depression involves an extremely complex set of chemical imbalances in the brain. This means that it is different from just being sad at times when it is reasonable to be sad. Even when two patients share symptoms of depression, these may be the result of wildly different chemical imbalances. This makes depression treatment exceedingly complicated.

By understanding the symptoms of depression, however, you can better understand if you need depression treatment. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Continual feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, guilt, or despair
  • Difficulty working, studying, sleeping, or participating in social activities because of your negative feelings
  • Mood swings, anger, irritability
  • Appetite or weight changes
  • Inability to concentrate, restlessness
  • Sleeplessness, excessive sleeping, or irregular sleep patterns
  • Recurring thoughts of death or suicide

This list is far from comprehensive. But if you or someone you care about is experiencing any combination of the above symptoms, it is worth reaching out to a healthcare professional. Atlanta Center for Mental Health’s depression treatment program is a great place to start.

Our Depression Treatment Program in Georgia

If you’re battling depression, you most likely feel overwhelmed by it. It seeps into every crack of your life and sours even the most positive experience. Perhaps you know you need help but are unsure of how to take the first step. At Atlanta Center for Mental Health, we provide residential mental health treatment for a variety of disorders, and depression is at the top of that list.

During your time in our depression treatment program, medication may be one component of a larger treatment plan. At Atlanta Center for Mental Health, our doctors and psychiatric nurse practitioners work with the other members of our staff to tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs. This includes modifying the amount of medication you are taking to make sure it is at the most effective dosage for your needs.

At our comfortable, secure facility, you’ll find a place to begin to heal. In addition to providing a wide range of therapies and medication management, we offer recreational opportunities and exercise programs. For some people with major depressive disorder, exercise can be a healthy outlet and coping skill.

Finally, some individuals who suffer from depression turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with their symptoms. In fact, people with mental health disorders are far more likely to develop a substance use disorder. At Atlanta Center for Mental Health, our staff specializes in providing dual diagnosis treatment for those who need both depression treatment and help with a substance abuse problem.

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If depression is causing you or someone you care about to struggle with daily tasks or social opportunities, there is hope. While in depression treatment at Atlanta Center for Mental Health, you’ll learn healthy coping skills, and we’ll give you the tools you need to take your life back. From clinical treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy, to more holistic approaches, like recreational and expressive therapy, we can offer you the help you need. Contact us today for more information. You can reach a member of our admissions team by contacting us online or calling 833.625.0458. Take your life back from depression today.