people participate in womens mental health treatment

3 Benefits of a Women’s Mental Health Treatment Program

The decision to care for your mental health is a serious one. On average, people live with symptoms of their mental illness for 11 years before seeking help. This means that many people suffer unnecessarily for a very long time before getting support for their mental health issues. When someone decides to seek treatment, they…

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4 Characteristics to Look for in a Mental Health Treatment Center

Mental health is an important part of total wellness. Your mental health affects so many other parts of your life: your physical health, your financial health, your relationships, and your chance for a full, self-directed future. The decision to take care of your mental health can be life-changing. If you have been struggling with mental…

a woman seeks treatment during womens health week

Beginning Treatment During National Women’s Health Week

National Women’s Health Week starts on Mother’s Day every year. It is a time for women and those who care for them to focus on the health issues that affect women. Government and health organizations use this week to remind women to schedule important screenings, make healthy lifestyle changes, and work to eliminate harmful habits.…

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The Importance of Women’s Health Month

May is Women’s Health Month. Women face various obstacles that keep them from being as healthy as possible and benefit from a national campaign to focus on their health. Striving for health can mean different things for different women. For some, it might mean a commitment to healthier food and exercise choices. For others, it…

alcohol addiction affects a man's mental health

How Alcohol Addiction Can Impact Your Mental Health

People with mental illness often have symptoms that are difficult to manage without supportive mental health care. Many people turn to substances, including alcohol, to help them cope with the uncomfortable symptoms of their mental illness. This is called “self-medication.” Addiction to substances is common in people with mental health issues because so many people…

a man practices stress management in recovery

The Importance of Stress Management for Addiction Recovery

Financial issues, relationship problems, stress at work, healthcare issues—life can be full of stress that makes us want to run away and hide. When stressful situations arise, people often look for ways to escape them. We can cope with stress in a variety of ways. Some of the ways are healthy, adaptive, and effective. Other…

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Characteristics to Look for in a Mental Health Rehab Center

For most people, recovering from mental health issues requires commitment, work, and some vulnerability. Finding the right mental health treatment program is important. You need to feel comfortable being open and honest about your symptoms, and you need to trust the staff and the mental health therapies they offer.  There are many levels of care…

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What To Expect From Mental Health Therapies

Many people in the United States will experience mental health issues at some point in their life. The way someone handles their mental health issues can depend on the severity of their symptoms and the skills they have to manage them. In this country, most people wait for an average of 11 years before getting…

a man struggles with a dual diagnosis

Do I Struggle With a Dual Diagnosis?

Addiction and mental illness are common issues in the United States. Both require treatment and supportive care so that people can live healthy, productive lives. People living with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addiction are especially high-risk and have a higher rate of violence and suicide. It can be hard to determine if…

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4 Benefits of a Residential Mental Health Treatment Program

Residential treatment is a core component of a mental health treatment program. It paves the road to a successful recovery by providing those who suffer from a mental health disorder with a daily schedule of therapy, counseling, activities, healthy meals, and time to rest and recharge. The structure and stability of this routine help restore…