doctor explaining a medication treatment program

How To Find The Best Medication Regimen For You

If you have a mental health disorder, your doctor might prescribe medications to ease your symptoms. However, the road to finding the best medication treatment program for your mental condition is often challenging. Other than the many confusing options available, medications vary in the time they take to be effective. Before deciding on the ideal…

woman who is thinking about mental health conditions

How To Be More Open About Mental Health Conditions

Opening up about mental health conditions can be a tough thing to do. Admitting your depression, suicidal thoughts, or substance use disorder to your loved ones can be a distressing experience. If you are in the clutches of mental illness, you might find yourself clouded in shame, guilt, and denial. Talking about your mental condition…

woman who needs stress treatment

8 Signs You Are Stressed Out

People use the term stress to describe how they feel when going through situations that put them under pressure or push them to the edge of their physical strength and mental stability. Stress refers to your body’s response or defense to situations that you feel or perceive are harmful. Stress affects everyone. While different individuals…

woman suffering from mental illness during a pandemic

Coping with Mental Illness During a Pandemic

Getting through everyday life in these unprecedented times is no small feat, and this struggle is even more challenging for people dealing with mental illness. Understanding ways to cope with mental illness during a pandemic might save your life. Outbreaks of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 can be frightening and can negatively affect your mental…

woman wondering do i have ocd

Do I Have OCD?

Hand washing, checking appliances, and arranging things neatly are all part of everyday life. However, repeated actions manifested by obsessions may cause social and occupational dysfunction when they are not treated. From the perspective of someone with OCD, the door isn’t locked, the iron always seems plugged, and their skin never feels clean. OCD is…

woman managing treatment resistant depression

Managing Treatment-Resistant Depression

Medication can be an integral part of coping with depression. Antidepressant medications can be life-changing for some patients, but they do not work for everyone. Therapy can often have a significant impact, but it is essential to find the right therapist. Some medications require a few weeks before they start working.  In the meantime, it…