people getting help with emotionally abusive relationships

How To Tell If Your Relationship Is Emotionally Abusive

If your partner controls you by manipulating your emotions, this is considered emotional abuse. They may have learned this behavior from their own family or a past relationship. If you find yourself in an emotionally abusive relationship, counseling services from Atlanta Center for Mental Health in Georgia can be helpful for both parties. If you…

woman learning about types of therapy

Benefits of Individual Therapy vs. Group Therapy

Each person’s mental health needs are different. That is why there are numerous types of therapy available. Each treatment method, including individual therapy and group therapy, is designed to address the specific needs a person has to help them overcome their challenges. At Atlanta Center for Mental Health in Georgia, we work closely with you…

woman getting mental health resources

Free Mental Health Resources

As our world continues to deal with the pandemic and our country also faces economic uncertainty, among other issues, people everywhere are struggling with mental health issues. When dealing with any type of mental health crisis, whether acute or chronic, it’s critical to seek mental health treatment promptly. That way, your problem doesn’t worsen. Sometimes…