woman getting mental health resources

Free Mental Health Resources

As our world continues to deal with the pandemic and our country also faces economic uncertainty, among other issues, people everywhere are struggling with mental health issues. When dealing with any type of mental health crisis, whether acute or chronic, it’s critical to seek mental health treatment promptly. That way, your problem doesn’t worsen. Sometimes…

man showing connection between exercise and mental health

How Much Does Exercise Improve Your Mental Health?

Most people exercise to stay physically fit and maintain a high level of energy. However, there is also a clear correlation between exercise and mental health. Exercise releases endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that boost your mood and give you an overall sense of wellness. For this reason, residential mental health treatment centers offer exercise therapy in GA.…

people who are adjusting to the new normal

How to Adjust to the New Normal

Whether you are thinking about getting help for addiction, going through rehab, or have completed your substance abuse treatment program, adjusting to the new normal presents unique challenges to recovery. Isolation, stress, unemployment, and uncertainty are all triggers that can cause you to relapse at any moment. Furthermore, on-site addiction treatment may not be accessible due…

man who is getting peace of mind during the pandemic

How to Find Peace of Mind During a Pandemic

Few people are equipped to deal with a pandemic. Unemployment, financial hardship, social distancing, the fear of death, and quarantine can take their toll over time. For many, the stress associated with the pandemic has led to anxiety, depression, loneliness, chronic pain, and addiction. Even with anxiety treatment program help in GA, being available through online…

woman managing screen time during covid

Healthy Ways to Use Screen Time During COVID-19

Social distancing has limited our ability to connect with others in person at work, school, or out in the community. As a result, screen time during COVID-19 has become more important. Using technology during the pandemic keeps us connected with our friends, family, and coworkers. We can also use screen time to access services provided…

group talking about levels of mental health care

Understanding the Levels of Mental Health Care

There are two main levels of mental health care: outpatient care and inpatient or residential care. Each category is broken down into sub-categories designed to meet the individual needs of each client. Mental health treatment centers often provide both types of mental health care to care for clients with a wide range of conditions. A mental health…

woman looking for ways to ease your anxiety

Small Ways You Can Ease Your Anxiety

Anxiety is the mind’s natural response to danger or uncertainty. Some anxiety is healthy and even necessary. It signals you to act in stressful situations. However, too much anxiety can paralyze you emotionally and keep you from solving problems. It can lead to isolation, fear, chronic pain, emotional outbursts, and addiction. In addition to seeking…