woman thinking of facts about mental illness

Common Misconceptions about Mental Illness

Mental illness is a major concern worldwide. Despite its prevalence, many people continue to spread false information that confuses the facts about mental illness. As a result, mental illness misconceptions abound. Whether you are looking for mental illness facts in GA or globally, it is important to use critical thinking and quality sources before making…

two people at the best mental health treatment center in atlanta, GA

Best Mental Health Treatment Centers In Atlanta, GA

If you are struggling with a mental health disorder, getting proper treatment is crucial. In fact, you probably are eager to find one of the best mental health treatment centers in Atlanta, GA. You know that going to just any treatment center won’t suffice, because your mental well-being is too important. Of course, this is…

therapist explaining what is psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy?

If you are struggling with a mental health disorder, then you’ve probably heard of various mental health therapies. From cognitive therapies to group therapies, there is a broad range of therapies that will aid you in recovering from mental illness. So, what is psychotherapy, you may wonder. Psychotherapy is a popular therapy module that therapists…

woman thinking about common mental health disorders

Common Mental Health Disorders

Dealing with life can be complicated without extra stressors. Therefore, when you add a mental health challenge to the mix, you can have more difficulty coping. Several common mental health disorders exist that create barriers for people having a successful journey through life. Consequently, some people turn to substance abuse as a way to cope…