woman begins inpatient anxiety treatment program

Is Inpatient Treatment for Anxiety Right for You?

Living with anxiety can be difficult and overwhelming at times. Though everyone experiences anxiety, those living with anxiety disorders experience it differently. Their anxiety can be debilitating and may last for long periods, incurring dramatic adverse effects on a person’s body. Fortunately, an anxiety treatment program can help. Inpatient anxiety treatment centers provide a safe…

woman struggles with PTSD triggers

Identifying PTSD Triggers

If you live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it can sometimes feel as if symptoms arise out of nowhere. Seemingly innocuous places or situations could lead to a debilitating cascade of symptoms, making the world feel like a minefield. However, PTSD symptoms rarely spontaneously occur. Instead, they are most often triggered by environmental factors, which…

man struggles with depression and mood swings

Mood Swings and Depression

Mood swings describe rapid, often drastic, shifts in temperament. If you are experiencing mood swings, you could be feeling on top of the world and, within the hour, feel despondent and depressed. These changes could potentially be normal, perhaps as a result of hormone changes or stress. In such cases, they will generally fade with…

woman begins residential depression treatment program

When Is Residential Depression Treatment Necessary?

Depression is an extremely common experience, but every person’s experience with depression is different. In some cases, depression is temporary and easily treatable, and in others, depression could require years of intensive therapy or medication. In either case, treatment is an essential first step to recovery. If your depression is severe, long-lasting, or treatment-resistant, a…

family struggles with effects of bipolar disorder

Effects of Bipolar Disorder on Family Members

Anyone who has had a loved one diagnosed with a mental illness knows the effects can be far-reaching. Mental illness is far from an isolated struggle, and it can take a dramatic toll on families. Families of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder will have to contend with mood swings ranging from depressive to manic episodes.…

woman begins treatment for ptsd

What Are the Different Types of PTSD?

There are a lot of popular misconceptions surrounding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). One of the most common misconceptions is that it is only experienced by combat veterans and victims of violence. In reality, PTSD can affect anyone exposed to traumatic or extremely stressful situations and can look differently for different people. Some people suffering…

man meets with therapist for dbt program for mental health

Benefits of DBT for Mental Health

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a modified form of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Originally developed as a treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), its use has since expanded to include several other mental health issues. A dialectical behavior therapy program can be useful as part of a treatment plan for a variety of mental health issues, including…

woman struggles with physical effects of anxiety

Physical Effects of Anxiety on Your Body

Most people think of the effects of anxiety as divorced from their body’s physical health. But the truth is physical and mental health are inextricably connected. Changes to your physical health will affect your mental health, and changes to your mental health will affect your physical health. Everyone experiences anxiety occasionally, but extended bouts with…

man practices staying calm during panic attack

Ways to Calm Down from a Panic Attack

Panic attacks can happen suddenly and violently, coming seemingly out of nowhere. Though the physical symptoms of a panic attack won’t cause any harm, they can be debilitating and terrifying, especially if they occur regularly. Calming down can be difficult during a panic attack, and strategies for stopping a panic attack are best used early.…