a group therapy session wonders what the best form of therapy is

What Is the Best Form of Therapy?

If you are searching for an Atlanta therapist, you are not alone. Millions of people seek help from a trained medical professional every day for a broad range of mental health disorders. Are you looking for strategies and tools to help you manage and resolve your unhealthy behaviors and thoughts? Maybe you are not sure…

a woman seeks out anxiety treatment

What Are the Most Common Anxiety Disorders

Each of us experiences feelings of fear, stress, and sensitivity at some point in our lives. You may be afraid of the upcoming project at work. Maybe you are worried about your financial position or wellbeing. What about the stress that you feel at home or in your relationship? These are all common worries and…

someone hugs their loved one with depression

How To Help a Loved One With Depression

Depression is a serious mental health disorder that, if left untreated, can lead to other mental disorders and physical challenges. While more than 17 million people in the United States are diagnosed as suffering from depression, many more have not sought help and treatment. Those closest to us often are the ones who are experiencing…

a therapist explains how dual diagnosis can benefit mental health

What Can Dual Diagnosis Treatment Do for You?

For many people, mental health disorders and addiction go hand-in-hand, weaving a complex web of emotions, feelings, and symptoms. Although there is no clear delineation as to which begins first, it is evident that mental health and substance abuse influence and feed off of one another. At the Atlanta Center for Mental Health, we understand…

a woman benefits from mental health treatment

How Can You Benefit from Mental Health Therapy?

Nearly one in every five adults suffers from mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. If you suffer, know that you are not alone, nor do you have to struggle alone. Help is available for you or a loved one to receive the mental health help needed to restore wellness, problem-solving skills, and self-esteem. Mental…

an animated photo shows antidepressant side effects

What Are the Most Common Side Effects of Antidepressants?

Antidepressants are commonly prescribed to treat clinical depression. When combined with other forms of treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, antidepressants have been found to reduce symptoms of mental illness effectively. As with many other medications, some patients may experience adverse side effects from taking antidepressant medication.  At the Atlanta Center for Mental Health, our trained…

a person holds a symbol of self-harm awareness month

Celebrating the Importance of Self-Harm Awareness Month

Self-Harm Awareness Month is celebrated around the world in March. People of all races, genders, and ages engage in self-harm. There are nearly 2 million cases every year. Many of those who suffer do so in silence. However, relief and recovery are possible with the proper support, guidance, and therapeutic services like those offered at…

a person spreads awareness on self injury awareness day

How You Can Help Spread Self-Injury Awareness Day

Nearly one in every 5 adults suffers from a mental health disorder, including anxiety and depression. Self-Injury Awareness Day sheds light on these mental health conditions and their effects on those who struggle with their mental health. If you suffer, know that you are not alone, nor do you have to struggle alone. The mental…

coping with divorce at a treatment center

Healthy Ways to Cope with Divorce

A divorce can be a very unsettling and stressful event. At a minimum, a significant relationship is coming to an end, routines are disrupted, the family may be uprooted, and transitions are inevitable. Then there are the many emotions that come with a divorce, including anxiety, frustration, and resentment, to name just a few.  Coping…