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LP Reopt 8According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), one in five Americans experiences mental health issues annually. A cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program is one of the most effective treatment methods. This therapy program occurs between a client and a therapist. The sessions are on a one-on-one basis but may also include families and groups. Atlanta Center for Mental Health offers this treatment and many other different mental health therapies so you can live a more balanced life.

The purpose of our cognitive behavioral therapy program in Georgia is to help the client change their negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. Above all, the goal is to ultimately modify the behavior of the client to one that leads to better outcomes. This form of therapy is most effective for clients suffering from depression and anxiety.

How a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program Works

CBT focuses on understanding how the client thinks. This helps to understand how they behave based on their existing thought patterns. The therapist sets out to understand how the client’s behaviors and thoughts influence their emotions.

Once the therapist understands this, they help the client engage in various exercises. This may include recreational activities or thought experiments that reinforce positive thinking and behaviors. Your doctor may focus more on behavior or thoughts depending on your needs.

CBT is also a combination of psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. The treatment uses both aspects, and many therapists often customize their approach to the client’s needs.

Who Needs a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program?

A cognitive behavioral therapy program in Georgia is useful for treating many conditions that affect the emotional well-being of individuals. These include assisting clients with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Sleeping, eating, and sexual disorders
  • Addiction or substance use disorders
  • Difficulty in coping with grief, loss, and chronic pain

CBT is often used in combination with other treatment methods, such as medication, in conjunction with a depression treatment program or an anxiety treatment program.

Advantages of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

It is particularly beneficial to use CBT under all circumstances because it deals with human thoughts and emotions. Understanding why people think and feel the way they do is key to solving many problems. A cognitive behavioral therapy program helps clients solve their problems by changing how they think and feel.

CBT is also effective in treating many different disorders. This is because people’s thoughts and assumptions often distort how they behave when they have a mental health disorder. Joining a cognitive behavioral therapy program helps the clients change their assumptions and thoughts, thereby leading to better outcomes.

The effectiveness of a cognitive behavioral therapy program is simple to test. Therapists can easily determine whether the treatment is working for the client. It becomes straightforward for the therapist to change or adopt new treatment plans that can help the client recover. Cognitive-behavioral therapy works well alongside other forms of therapy, such as group therapy and dialectical behavior therapy.

Therapy Approaches at Atlanta Center for Mental Health

The Atlanta Center for Mental Health offers its clients more treatment options alongside a cognitive behavioral therapy program. These include:

  • Recreational therapy – This type of therapy helps clients develop positive emotions by engaging in fun activities, such as taking tours.
  • Expressive therapy – This modality helps clients express themselves in a non-verbal way, such as through drawing.
  • Group therapy – This program helps groups of clients who have similar challenges or goals.
  • Family therapy – This therapy focuses on fixing the relationships between different family members.

Every client at a cognitive behavioral therapy program receives an individualized treatment plan which focuses on addressing their needs.

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