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The goal of family therapy is to bring members of a family together, including children, parents, and married partners. A family therapy program is usually short-term and lasts approximately 12 sessions, each taking about one hour. This form of therapy goes a long way in addressing many issues that affect all or some members of the family. At Atlanta Center for Mental Health, we offer different forms of mental health treatment in Atlanta, GA, to help you and your family heal together.

What Are the Benefits of Family Therapy?

family in a family therapy program in GA

Family therapy helps fix the relationship between various members of a family. This can include the relationship between a parent and a child. In such cases, the parent or parents attend the therapy sessions together with their children. Family therapy breaks down the underlying causes of problems between the two parties and provides a way to move forward. This entails developing strategies that both parties can follow to bridge their differences.

Family therapy also assists different members of the family in helping understand each other and communicate better. This creates a conducive environment at home where all parties can express themselves freely. In cases where the family members are grieving, mental health therapies and family therapy can aid members in coming to terms with their loss. Healthy coping mechanisms can help draw them closer together.

Cases Where Family Therapy is Crucial

Almost every family goes through some issues from time to time but that does not necessarily mean that the family cannot stay together. However, families should seek help when things get tough. Family therapy programs may help when:

  • A family member is struggling with addiction
  • The family is undergoing a financial crisis
  • The kids are having serious and re-current problems at school
  • A member of the family needs a mental health residential treatment program
  • Married partners are contemplating separation or divorce
  • Parents are planning to share the custody of their children

Family therapy is a great option when members of a family encounter issues that they may not be able to solve independently.

How to Prepare for a Family Therapy Program

Family therapy is a lot like group therapy, except that the participants are your family. You should prepare for a family therapy program in Georgia by ensuring that you know where and when the sessions are taking place.

You can also try to find out more about your family therapist to see if they are a great fit. If you are the parent, ensure the sessions do not clash with anyone’s schedules, including those of your kids. Schedule the family therapy sessions on weekends or holidays when everyone is available.

Aspects of Our Family Therapy Program at Atlanta Center for Mental Health

There are many aspects to our family therapy program at our mental health treatment center. They include:

  • Expressive – This type of modality helps patients express themselves through music and art.
  • Trauma-focused – This aspect focuses on a traumatic event such as an accident. It helps patients deal with past trauma by giving them the necessary tools to develop healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Recreational activities – This aspect focuses on assisting the group in engaging in recreational activities as a way of bonding. It goes a long way in fixing relationships and giving the patients time to relax and enjoy themselves.
  • Addiction-centered – This modality is for patients who are suffering from an addiction. It helps them create or rebuild good relationships with family members. This aspect is also instrumental in coming up with long-term strategies to speed up the healing process.

Enroll in Our Family Therapy Program Now

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