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There is a general misconception that only mental health patients should seek therapy. But that should not be the case. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 1 in 5 people need therapy. An individual therapy program is ideal for addressing many issues that primarily affect you, as an individual. The good thing about individual therapy programs is that they focus on the client and there is more confidentiality. At Atlanta Center for Mental Health, we provide our patients with a variety of different mental health treatment center programs including individual therapy to help you live a better life.

Who Should Seek Individual Therapy?

man participating in an individual therapy programMany people often do not know that they need therapy until it is too late. Everyone needs therapy, but knowing when the best time is to seek therapy is crucial. The most important thing is to recognize and acknowledge when you need help. In general, people who need therapy include:

  • Individuals who are under a great deal of stress
  • Those who have suffered a major traumatic event such as the loss of a loved one or an accident
  • People recovering from addiction
  • Individuals with a diagnosable mental health condition such as depression who may need a depression treatment program

The main reason why people avoid seeking help is due to stigma, shame, or fear. However, individual therapy programs are very confidential which makes it easy to open up and seek help. It is also important to remember that individual therapy is between the patient and the therapist, hence there is less stigma.

Why You Need Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can help treat many issues and help patients make positive lifestyle changes. A professional therapist will help you identify the underlying causes of your symptoms. This goes a long way in solving various problems in your life. For instance, patients with an eating disorder may discover the underlying causes of their disorder after seeking individual therapy. Therapists can also assist you to help you figure out if you need other types of therapies such as recreational therapy or family therapy.

Individual therapy programs treat patients with life-long conditions such as addiction. Research shows that individual therapy programs are the most effective for treating psychological disorders. Individual therapy is also convenient for patients who have trouble communicating. This is because the sessions are private, and the therapist can help the patient learn how to open up with each session.

The level of analysis is also more comprehensive and in-depth in an individual therapy program in GA. Additionally, the pace of the program focuses on meeting the patient’s needs. This is a good option for patients who may want to avoid the stigma that is associated with mental health.

Approaches to Individual Therapy at Atlanta Center for Mental Health

There are many approaches and different types of therapies we cover at our individual therapy program in GA. Some of the therapies include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): This is an approach used to treat patients with addiction or those who need mental health therapies. The goal of cognitive-behavioral therapy is to help the patient develop better coping mechanisms.
  • Aftercare program: This program helps patients once they exit the treatment facility. The program aims at helping the patient avoid relapse after they participate in a mental health residential treatment program and to help them rebuild their lives.
  • Trauma-focused: This program helps patients recover from trauma by dealing with the underlying causes of the trauma. Patients develop better coping mechanisms and learn to live more at peace with the trauma they have suffered in the past.
  • Co-occurring diagnosis: This approach treats patients who may have co-occurring mental health conditions.

These approaches focus on the individual needs of the patients. They are effective and evidence-based to ensure great results.

Join Our Individual Therapy Program Today

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