Retreat, Recover, and Restart

If you or your loved one is struggling with a mental health disorder, you are not alone. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in the United States, nearly one in five adults live with a mental illness. While for some, their experience with a mental health disorder like anxiety or depression is mild and does not interfere with daily tasks, for many, moderate to severe mental illness can be debilitating. However, hope and healing can be found through a Georgia residential mental health facility. At Atlanta Center for Mental Health, our mental health treatment center provides residential care for those in a crisis. Through around-the-clock care, crisis intervention, medication management, and intensive therapy, you can find healing. Reach out to Atlanta Center for Mental Health at 833.625.0458 to learn more.

Our Mental Health Treatment Center in Georgia

At Atlanta Center for Mental Health, we offer residential care to people during a mental health crisis. Our mental health treatment center is comfortable and peaceful, designed with your recovery in mind.

Self-medication with alcohol and drugs is not uncommon for someone suffering from a severe mental health diagnosis. Our facility is also equipped to provide medical detoxification, if necessary, to treat acute withdrawal and provide you with the safety you need to start treatment.

Medication management is more than finding the correct medications. In our inpatient facility, we emphasize comprehensive psychiatric treatment with input from every member of our team. Our care is collaborative, and team members work together to assess, evaluate, and begin to treat your mental health symptoms.

Psychiatric care from a doctor or psychiatric nurse practitioner is also available around the clock. We will assess your situation, identify the stresses or triggers that might lie under mental health symptoms, and help you build the skills and coping strategies that will allow you to function, along with the correct medication plan.

Medication management also includes the process of identifying the proper treatment for your diagnosis. We will help you find the right medicine at the correct dosage to create the best situation for you.

Additional Services at Our Mental Health Treatment Center in Georgia

Wellness Programs

While you are in a mental health treatment center, you are healing mentally, spiritually, and physically. You may be dealing with the side effects of your mental illnesses, such as malnutrition and other discomforts.

group at Mental Health Treatment Center

We provide clients with a variety of wellness services, including:

  • Yoga classes
  • Chiropractors
  • Exercise instructors
  • Massage therapists
  • Healthy snacks
  • Nutrition education

Aftercare Planning

The goal of our program is to give each individual the tools and strategies to deal with harmful stresses and triggers. We try to maximize the amount of time you are in a safe, secure, and structured community. Stresses will remain out there, but we will help you build the ability to deal with them and find peace and fulfillment. Our medical team, case managers, and therapists will be there to advise you through the next steps.

Case Management

Our team is your advocate. Our goal is to help you clear the obstacles or roadblocks you may be facing. From the major to the minor, our team will work with you on legal, financial, professional, or other issues.


Our mental health treatment center offers educational groups for patients to cope with and understand their mental health diagnosis. We also offer education for families to help them understand your mental health diagnosis, the importance of medication, and strategies to support you.

Contact Our Mental Health Treatment Center

To learn more about our programs, contact our admissions team today. We are available to answer your questions and help you decide if Atlanta Center for Mental Health is right for you. Reach out today at 833.625.0458 or schedule a call.