Retreat, Recover, and Restart

alumni programA common misconception about mental health and addiction treatment is that it is less a process and more of a singular event. In reality, it is more a process than anything, and this means that your treatment or recovery never “ends” in the traditional sense of that word. There is no question that making the first call and beginning your treatment is an incredibly important step. But treatment and recovery don’t stop there. This is why at Atlanta Center for Mental Health, we take such pride in our alumni program.

One of the commitments we make to every patient who walks through our door involves the aftercare that they will receive once they have left our residential facility. Just as your journey towards positive mental health and recovery doesn’t stop when you leave our care, neither does our part in helping you get there. For this reason, we have established an extensive alumni program in GA and beyond. Our program allows everyone interested in continuing care to stay in touch—with us and with each other.

Building a Support Network, One Step at a Time

A strong support network is a crucial part of your road to mental wellness and recovery. As a part of our alumni program, you will have a group of people at your disposal who have had similar experiences to yours. Additionally, as a part of that network yourself, people will be able to reach out to you when they are in need as well. Good mental health is always a two-way street. At Atlanta Center for Mental Health, we consistently hear from patients who express their thanks, not just for the care that they received during their time at our center, but also for the chance to make a difference in the lives of others who are struggling with mental health or addiction. It is a well-known fact that helping others can be just as powerful a tool as receiving help is. Our alumni program is founded on that principle.

Atlanta Center for Mental Health’s Alumni Program: What to Expect

As a participant in our alumni program in Georgia, or wherever you call home, you will have the opportunity to support your fellow alums and to receive support in several ways. As part of the program you can expect:

  • To receive supportive aftercare in the form of contact from Atlanta Center for Mental Health’s experienced, compassionate team, including regular telephone and email contact.
  • Access to our alumni database for when you need peer support.
  • Updates and news from the program participants as well as from the staff of Atlanta Center for Mental Health.
  • Access to information that is useful to your mental health, including educational materials.
  • Social events organized by Atlanta Center for Mental Health or by other participants in the alumni program.
  • Chances to share your experiences with others and to support your fellow alumni.

You are committed to positive mental health and to your recovery. By joining Atlanta Center for Mental Health’s alumni program, you can continue to participate in the conversation.

Learn More About Atlanta Center for Mental Health Today

At Atlanta Center for Mental Health, your mental health and recovery are our priority. By joining our team dedicated alumni in our alumni program, you are doing more than just maintaining contact with us. You are also continuing to build and extend your support network. Participating in the alumni program means becoming part of something larger than yourself. It also means lending a helping hand to others in need, who could benefit from your experience. Contact Atlanta Center for Mental Health’s alumni program online or by calling 833.625.0458. Because the path to wellness never ends.