Retreat, Recover, and Restart

The Atlanta Detox Center Welcomes the Doctors of Private Practice Direct

Georgia’s premier inpatient facility for patients suffering from severe mental health disorders, substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.  We know our care represents your care. Rest assured that all patients retreat will consist of the highest level of quality, comfort, and care.

Our newly constructed facility provides the most up-to-date space for us to deliver the best quality of care. We offer private and semi-private bedrooms, beautiful common rooms and grounds, catered meals and more.

We are proud to maintain the most kind, compassionate and skilled professional staff there is. Every patient has an incredible amount of contact with our team, who works with them intimately to plot the best path forward.

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An addiction services partner you can rely on.

Coordinated care up to your standards

Our team stays in regular contact with referring doctors, and is always available at request to provide updates on your patients individualized treatment plan. Our certified counselors and therapists provide psychotherapy, applying proven therapeutic modalities. Around the clock care allows our staff to not only provide constant monitoring, but to interact with patients and get to know them on a greater level, assessing any traumas or underlying roots of addiction. Every patient’s therapy team works collaboratively on their treatment plan, applying a level of care only possible in our residential facility.

When a Breakthrough is Needed.

If lines of communication are down. If the thought of shame or stigma stands in the way. We can help. Many of our staff are in recovery, and through experience and compassion are able to quickly establish connection, and comfort, in a non restrictive environment.

Holistic Approach to Total Wellness

Heal the mind, body, and soul. Our on-site yoga studio and meditation room as well as state-of-the-art biofeedback beds, help to treat stress and manage anxiety. We offer dietary support as well as natural and recreational therapies, all proven methods in addiction and mental health treatment.

Consistent, Consummate, Compassionate Mental health services.

Non Restrictive, Understanding, Crisis Intervention.

Heading off a mental health crisis requires swift and effective treatment. When symptoms are disrupting everyday life, lower levels of care are not an option. Removing a patient from crisis and placing them in our residential facility allows us to begin to alleviate mental health symptoms and get every patient back on their feet. Our expert staff utilizes different de escalation tactics when talking to our patients who may be dealing with different crisis’s while in our care.

A comprehensive approach to medication management.

While in our care, your patients will be carefully monitored by our trained doctors and nurses as we assess how medications are working. Our care goes far beyond just medication management. Meaningful, one-on-one interaction with our team members means that care is responsive and collaborative, working towards finding the correct course of treatment coupled with medication to dramatically increase effectiveness. We keep referring doctors in the loop in hopes to keep future issues headed off and provide patients with the best long term outcome.

Continuing Care

Our program focuses on preparing every patient for life. Process groups work collaboratively on building the life skills and coping strategies necessary for long term recovery. Every patient is assessed and provided with an aftercare plan for the next steps. We have facilities within our Amatus Health family that offer a gradual step down process through the lower levels of addiction treatment, providing a more consistent and effective long term approach to treatment. Every patient is provided with a warm hand off and a direct plan of action to achieve long term success.

We accept all major private insurances as well as self pay. We will go above and beyond to ensure your patients have the time they need to heal.